Oakley Homes for Sale

Did you know…there were 5 sales in Oakley within the past 6 months over $400,000 that were not listed in the MLS (Multiple Listing Service)?


This week, we went on a listing appointment for a home in Oakley that is worth over $400,000.  If an agent just pulls up what has sold in the MLS for the past six months over $400,000 in Oakley, they come up with only 3 sales: Click Here.  The Finn Team has the software to pull up all sales information including:  word-of-mouth, for sale by owner, renovations/flips.  Those additional 5 homes in Oakley that sold over $400,000 are NOT in the MLS data.  If you are pricing your home, missing this data can mean leaving dollars on the table.  Not having this data can also mean the home will not appraise.  We stay on top of getting appraisers this information to ensure a smooth transaction when selling our listings.  No matter what the value of your home, make sure to interview the Finn Team if thinking of selling!oakley-collage2     When selling your home, call the Finn Team because they offer:

  • Local Realtors who specializes in your area.
  • Agent with 24 years of experience .
  • Volume of sales to offer more knowledge.
  • Professional relationships with Appraisers, Lenders, Stagers, and more.
  • Latest technology to market your home to larger audience.

Click Here to find out the current market value of your home, or reach out to us anytime:  holly.finn@cbws.com  |  513-533-8081  |  www.Finn-Team.com



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