Low Inventory = More Home Additions/Renovation Projects

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Inventory of homes for sale is at a historically low level.  That’s prompting more owners to work with what they have.  We are expecting remodeling and repairs of existing homes to increase this year. Housing Studies predict that expenses for remodeling and repairs will surpass $300 billion this year. Home improvement spending is expected to continue its strong growth over the next three years.

We keep getting calls from people saying that they are looking to purchase a bigger home this year but with inventories so tight, they were struggling to find a home.  If you are looking for a home, the number of options out there are very low right now.  Several of our clients have said that they are ready for a larger home, but feel that their best option may be to put a huge addition on their current home.

Partnering with the Finn Team, allows you to access our resources, experience, and connections.  We are able to give market information on what is available, what the value of your home would be after additions/renovations, as well as recommendations for contractors and architects.

Bottom line:

  • Now may offer a great opportunity to sell because of low inventory levels.  Many of our clients can’t find a home that fits their needs.
  • Finn Team can be your real estate resource whether you are moving, or looking to do improvements to your current home.
  • Looking at all of your options and information in order to make an informed decision is best…and we can help!

Reach out to the Finn Team anytime:  Rick Finn  513-702-4090 or rick.finn@cbws.com

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