Cincinnati: West Side Home Sales

Activity has been great in your neighborhood, and we are looking for more clients to assist!  We offer a complimentary consultation to find out if we are a good fit to sell your home, or help you purchase a home.

This illustrates our results in Westwood, Cheviot, Covedale, and Delhi over the last 30 days.  We also specialize in other Cincinnati and Northern Kentucky neighborhoods.

Our level of service and experience will help you to find the perfect home, or to get the best price possible when selling your property.

Westwoodcheviotdelhi (1)

For details on each of these homes, click links below.  Starting at top right and going clockwise:

5198 Leona Drive

4341 St. Martins Place

Leon Court

3155 Boudinot Avenue

3056 Queen City Avenue

7860 Harrison Avenue

4221 Washington Avenue

3526 Schwartze Avenue

2639 Pancoast Avenue

4485 St. Dominic Drive

3310 Epworth Avenue

Stop by the 7th Annual Westwood Art Show on September 12th, and look for the “At Home in Westwood” booth for a list of all open houses that will be going on that day!

The Finn Team   |   513.533.8081   |

Finn Team-2 (2)

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