The Family Room

‘The Room Without a Name’ is a chapter in the book Tomorrow’s House written in 1945 by George Nelson and Henry Wright.  The authors felt there was a need for a new type of room in the American home:  one that would be suitable for adults and children, easy to clean, and tough enough for hard use.  They wondered, could such a room also make members of a family “better equipped to enjoy each other on the basis of mutual respect and affection?”  Knowing they were on the verge of an idea that would provide a better design for living, they continued to banter about the name and finally concluding, “We should simply call it the family room.”

Henry Wright was an architect who changed the way towns were planned through contemporary planning efforts.  George Nelson was an American industrial designer and one of the founders of American Modernism.  He was director of design at the Herman Miller Furniture Company and designed much of the 20th century’s most iconic modernist furniture.

Now the family room is in just about every home that is built.  This family room in our new listing in Ivy Hills is the perfect example.  More handsome and put-together than the recreation room, but not nearly as formal as the living room.  This family room was designed as a place where family and guests can gather, to serve the social and recreational needs of the entire family!

The perfect family room!

The perfect family room!

The formal living room

The formal living room

The lower level rec room

The lower level rec room

This amazing home is located in the Forest Hills School District, and will be listed in March 2015.

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