How to Sell Your Home

Here is just one example of how we were successful in meeting specific goals of the homeowner.  We met with a them in January because they knew they were going to move as soon as the school year ended, but felt it was too early to put it on the market.  We tailored our Pre-Marketing Program to sell their home before it was listed, for the price they wanted, and have the timeline that they were looking for.

Looking to sell your home for the highest possible price?  Wanting the sale of your home to be convenient?  Are you hoping to sell your house fast?  We can help!

Our Customized Marketing Program involves meeting with you to find out your situation and goals in the sale of your house.  From there, we can discuss unique ideas that we have come up with that have been proven to be successful.

Today’s world is full of marketing and advertising outlets which are constantly evolving.  The way your home is marketed will have a strong impact on its final sale price, so you should discuss your marketing plan in detail with your real estate agent.  Our marketing techniques can unleash a great deal of power and help to propel your listing above the competition.

Not only do we partner with you on implementing a marketing plan, we also closely track and analyze its effectiveness each day.  Having that information on hand allows us to modify/tweak specific parts of our marketing strategy and adjust to market trends accordingly.

Our consultations are no obligation and completely free.  Contact us today to discuss your specific needs, so that you can make the best possible decision for what may be one your largest investments!

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Rick Finn and the Finn Team have sold over 130 homes in 2014, making them one of top Real Estate Agents in Cincinnati for the last 20 years.

Finn Team

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The trouble with not having a goal is

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