Best Time to List a Home for Sale

Winter may be the best time to sell your home according to a recent study, homes listed between December and March sell faster than homes listed in other months.  February was shown to be the best month to list.  The analysis of nationwide listings from 2014 showed that 74 percent of homes listed in February sold within 90 days and 13 percent of them sold for more than the list price.  Compare that to September when 61 percent of homes sold within 90 days, and October when just 5 percent sold above list price.

Shoppers in January and February are motivated.  They are looking in winter because they need to move, not because they’re just looking for fun.  If people are going to brave the cold to househunt during winter, then they are going to make their effort worthwhile.

We fully admit that the advantages of listing in winter compared with other seasons are not huge, but the fact that winter produces at least competitive, or better results by some measures should encourage some potential sellers to get into the game sooner rather than later.

Houses that are priced right, show well, and marketed properly can sell any time of the year. What many potential sellers may not know is that shoppers who are active during the winter months are serious buyers. Most people are not window-shopping in December and January, as many do in the spring months.

Also, some sellers pull their unsold houses off the market during the winter, hoping for better results in the spring. By doing so, they leave a smaller inventory of active listings — lessening the competition among sellers who list in January and February, ahead of the pack.

Here is a list of reasons to sell your home in the Winter:

1. Fewer Showings
The Buyers that are out looking are usually very serious about making a purchase.

2. Less Competition
Most people wait until spring and summer to list their home, which means during the winter you will have far less competition than at any other time of the year.

3. Homes Feel Cozy
Buyers love walking into a warm home on a cold day.  It may stir up good feelings to picture themselves curled up by the fire, or highlight a nice master retreat.

4. January is the Biggest Transfer Month
Did you know that more corporate moves happen during January than at any other time of the year? This may be a great reason to list your home during the winter!

5. Timing
By putting the home on the market during winter you may be able to more easily hit your moving goals!

6. More Time to Get Top Dollar
By starting to market your home early you may be able to secure a higher price.

7. Great Time to Shop
If your home sells in the Winter, you will be able to shop for your next home right when all of the Spring inventory is hitting the market.

8. More Advertising
Because there is less inventory during the winter, your home will be seen more often on all of the websites, than during the spring and summer months when there are many more listings to scroll through.

9. Higher Price
Listing in December, January, February and March gives you a better chance to get list price on average, than if you list any time from June through November. During the last three years, listing during those four months has produced higher percentages of above-asking-price sales.

10. The Market
Today’s interest rates are at forty year lows. This gives Buyers more spending power, and will be even more important when you begin shopping for your next home!

Please contact us if you want to put your home on the market this Winter!  The Finn Team:  513.560.6513

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