Average Sale Price of Cincinnati Homes Climbs 6%!

April 2014 Cincinnati Real Estate Market MLS Statistics

market stats

Number of home sales in April climbed 4.5% over a year ago providing a solid start into the spring market. 2,022 homes were sold (closed) last month compared to 1,935 in April 2013.

The Greater Cincinnati housing market has come alive!  The fact that new listings increasing more than 8% in April compared to March shows that sellers are ready to make a move, providing greater opportunity for buyers.

The March average home selling price climbed to $166,025 vs. $156,676 a year earlier, a 6.0%

increase. Since this is a city wide average, some neighborhoods are seeing an even higher increase.  The average price has increased year-over-year for 26 consecutive months. This shows that our market is coming back after the housing crash. More buyer activity and relatively stable interest rates will continue to push prices higher.With the spring market well underway, there is no better time than now to list your property with the Finn Team.

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