Welcome Home Grant: $5,000 toward your down payment on a home!

The Federal Home Loan Bank of Cincinnati has established a certain amount of Affordable Housing Program funds to help create homeownership!

Find out if you can take advantage of $5,000 free money toward your down payment  These funds are available to assist homebuyers under the Welcome Home Program. Welcome Home grants are used to fund reasonable down payments and closing costs when purchasing owner-occupied housing.  There are qualifications for the funds, which include low and moderate income homebuyers.   The grants are limited to $5,000 per homebuyer.

There are a number of lenders we use here in Cincinnati offering the grant. Contact us to find out more information on this program, or to get a list of lenders that are offering the Welcome Home Grant.  Funds are limited, so call today!

Here is a link to more information:


If you are looking for a home in the Cincinnati or Northern Kentucky area, we can assist!  The Finn Team is one of Cincinnati’s Top Real Estate Teams specializing in the city of Cincinnati.



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